“Why didn’t you know, what you know now, when you were 21?”, my inner negative voice queried. “Life would have been so much better! Less suffering for you and those around you, better career path, better relations, success.”

“How could I?” I said, defending myself. “I had not had the experiences I have now.”

“So, first hand experience is the only way to learn? – Inner negative voice

“Hmmm… you do have a point.”

“I know.”

“Naah! There is no recourse for people that are young. Even if there is a way, its not that easy and it may not work.” I said on second thought.


“How many 21 year olds do you know that are ready to change, introspect?”

“Would you have listened?”

“Maybe. If it came from someone experienced, authentic, caring and successful.”

“There you go! You won’t know till you reach out.”


“Is it more that the young won’t be willing to change or is it that the one’s who are experienced and have already gone through the journey don’t care to share?

What triggers awareness and willingness to grow and allow personal change? What drives personal growth? Is it personal experiences? Pain? Suffering? Failures as much as successes? When is the appropriate age and stage to affect this change and growth? Is it possible to accelerate the process? Is it ever too early to start this personal transformation process?