Measurable Impact

The positive impact of the Academy is best reflected by a survey that was conducted in Feb 2017. Each survey participant had attended 1 offering of the Academy between Dec 2013 and October 2015. Some key insights from the survey are :

95% of the respondents had recommended the academy to someone else

Over 48% of the respondents had received a promotion since attending the academy

85% of the respondents said they had received positive feedback from a stakeholder about their leadership style since attending the academy

Benefits of Transformational Learning Initiative

Ensure projects get executed as per commitments
Develop & enhance day to day engineering & leadership competence
Alignment with internal and external customers and stakeholders
Create and
existing performance metrics
Develop a ‘Learning Mindset’ Organization

Why do you need Leadership Development Program?

Organizations want to deliver results and execute their strategy on time, under budget while meeting quality goals. This requires high productivity and an engaged workforce. Gallup employee engagement surveys have shown that almost 50% of workforce is not engaged. The top reasons for lack of employee engagement are:


Bad leadership by the immediate boss


Lack of confidence in senior leadership


No sense of vision or direction provided by the leaders

The challenge to be a good leader is even harder for engineers. The irony is that the very skills that make someone a great engineer– data driven approach & technical focus, can become a handicap, when engineers take on a management role. This is because the natural technical strength of these professionals can lead to a tendency to under appreciate the significance of people skills that are necessary to become a great leader. While these professionals go through 4 years of technical education for becoming engineers, they go through only a few hours of learning, if that, for their new role as leaders or managers and get minimal coaching or guidance. This lack of guidance can result in inefficiencies for the organization, employee retention issues and projects not being executed as intended due to loss of productivity and lack of employee engagement.