How It Works

What makes our academy unique?

Leadership academy uses a variety of methods to build competency,
ensure learning & provide ROI on the investment in learning

What do we do?

CERTUS+ Leadership Academy provides customized learning experience for engineering professionals.
Leadership Development Programs are for:

Technical professionals seeking leadership roles

Newly promoted engineers eager to make their mark

Existing engineering leaders seeking to enhance their leadership skills

We specialize in delivering customized leadership development programs for partner
organizations. Typical features of these programs are:

Cinque Terre

8 to 16 attendees

Cinque Terre

Half day to 5 days per session

Cinque Terre

Spread over 3-12 months

Each session is separated by 6-8 weeks of work on projects. In total, workshops are
conducted for 10 to 20 days,

Topics covered include

Combination of expertise and experience to help you create positive transformation

Other topics include

Overview of Engineering Management, EQ, Self Assessment (DISC or MBTI), Verbal, Active Listening, Being Assertive, Body Language, Presentation Skills,Types of decisions, challenges, tools, psychology,Selection process, interviewing, giving positive and constructive feedback,Agile, time management, to-do lists, tools, driving change, risk mitigation, “Getting Stuff Done”,Coaching basics, mentoring basics, techniques,Basics of conflict, negotiation basics, reframing conflict, sustainable solutions, diversity,Team experience, team building, learning & innovation style assessment, escalation, self organizing teams, innovation & acceleration, breaking bad news, collective learning and team awareness

How do we do it?


  • Attendee diagnostic
  • 1 on 1 Interviews with attendees to understand their needs
  • Behavioral assessments for attendees
  • Interviews with stakeholders
  • Alignment summit to build consensus amongst stakeholders for academy format& content


Leadership Academy days and times are scheduled to meet client organization and their leaders needs


Workshops are conducted on-site at client location or at a neutral venue as appropriate